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Meditation - Candle Lighting Ceremony with Susan Whitaker

August 08, 2022 Wellness Within Cancer Support Services Season 9 Episode 17
Wellness Within Cancer Support
Meditation - Candle Lighting Ceremony with Susan Whitaker
Show Notes

In this guided meditation, you will return to your sanctuary and connect with a sense of gratitude through a  ceremony. You'll be able to light candles to acknowledge what you have learned on your meditation journey. This is a continuation of Susan's last 9 meditations which can be heard by clicking below, but it can also be enjoyed on its own.

1. Discover Your Life Tree
Exploring Your Earth Connection
Climbing the Canopy
Your Tree Sanctuary
Meeting a Helping Spirit
Taking Flight
The Prayer Tree
The Cosmic Tree of Life
The Four Directions

There are certain things that are essential to living a healthy, happy, meaningful life. Susan believes that yoga is one of them and had dedicated her life to sharing it with others. She has taught and practiced yoga for over 45 years. Susan specializes in adapting basic yoga poses to fit individual bodies and includes mindfulness, breathing, and concentration to connect a person more deeply to themselves. She approaches yoga in a gentle way and creates a class around who is present. She takes suggestions about what people need on any given day and weaves them together for a more inclusive experience. Susan establishes a safe atmosphere and encourages a sense of community for the class, even within personal exploration. Through breathing techniques, laughter, philosophy, poetry, and reverence, her classes are designed to give her students an accessible life skill that will serve them in their daily lives.

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BEACON is a self-paced online system that provides cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors a place to learn and practice wellness. It is designed to support the individual based on where they are in their cancer experience. Enroll at https://beacon.wellnesswithin.org/

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