Wellness Within Cancer Support

An Honest Conversation about Grief & Vulnerability with Margo Fowkes

June 28, 2021 Wellness Within Cancer Support Services Season 5 Episode 14
Wellness Within Cancer Support
An Honest Conversation about Grief & Vulnerability with Margo Fowkes
Show Notes

Margo Fowkes and Wellness Within Founder Patti Brown return for part 2 of their open, honest, and heart-felt conversation about Grief.  In this conversation, they discuss how part of receiving a diagnosis or grieving of a loved one is actually allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and the experiences that can arise with this vulnerability.

This podcast is sponsored in part by Koinonia Family Services. This podcast is offered freely to ensure everyone has access to these practices and conversations offered by Wellness Within Cancer Support Services. If you feel inspired to donate to support Wellness Within offerings, please visit www.wellnesswithin.org/give.

Interlude music provided by Elizabeth Proett, MA, CMP from Music Partners in Healthcare, Inc. 

Margo Fowkes (pronounced “Folks”) is the founder and president of OnTarget Consulting Inc., a firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals act strategically, improve their performance and achieve their business goals. 

After the death of her son Jimmy in 2014, Margo created Salt Water, an online community that provides a safe harbor for those who are grieving the death of someone dear to them. 

Inspired by Jimmy’s determination to live a rich, full life despite his circumstances, Salt Water’s articles and other resources focus on healing and building a new life in the aftermath of a devastating loss.

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